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In order to know at all times what the best strategy and ideal tactics are to make our customers even more successful, we conduct market research studies. Service tools help to meet daily challenges more efficiently.

These are trend studies that we prepare in-house and in cooperation with the authoritative trade media in relevant industries.

Current news from the UGW

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POS Marketing Report 2023

POS Marketing Report 2023 The POS Marketing Report 2023 was created in a time of multiple crises. Corona, the Ukraine war and the resulting supply bottlenecks and price increases place high demands on the resilience of market participants. Retailers and brands are encountering unsettled consumers who are looking more than

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One topic that is currently occupying brand owners and retailers intensively is the question of whether the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is a suitable marketing event for the pre-Christmas period, given the controversial political debate about money, power and monarchy.

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Strada Marketing at ESI

We warmly welcome our new colleagues from France to ESI. Welcome to the family and thanks again for hosting us at Strada Marketing in their beautiful agency space!

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Our distribution experts Colibri Beauty

Our distribution experts, Colibri Beauty, are now entering the B2C business for the first time. With the brand @deliseaparfum_de , a vegan, sustainable perfume made in Spain, women and men should meet a new perfume generation.

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SEO Check for your website

No feeling for how well your website is found on Google & Co. We will give you one – and gladly and free of charge!

With our SEO potential analyses you will gain a good first insight into the current visibility of your website in the non-paid results of…

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