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What does your ideal sales force look like? How do you best link physical field sales visits to POS with the digital needs you have at your headquarters (GF, KAM, marketing, etc). We provide answers and advice at all levels. Together we will find the best solution to market your service or products. With experience from hundreds of projects over the last few years, from many different industries, we offer a very wide range of expertise.

The reasons for sales outsourcing can vary. It is often a question of supplementing the company’s own sales force for certain tasks sensibly and efficiently with external sales staff. Increasing sales and gaining new customers can be the focus here. You may also want to test a new concept or launch a product, but not invest in permanent staff right away. In consultation with you, we provide a professional sales team that represents your company and can be flexibly aligned to your requirements.

Prices and conditions have the greatest influence on the earnings situation of companies compared to many other variables. We uncover cost and value drivers as well as hidden potentials for optimizing your price and conditions model. By using state-of-the-art simulation tools, we minimize the risk of wrong decisions.

In addition to designing pricing and condition strategies, the implementation of our recommendations is an essential part of our work.

Successful sales work is no coincidence. Changing market and competitive conditions require a continuous and consistent review of efficiency and effectiveness in sales.

With the right strategy and a sales organization that is optimally tailored to your individual requirements, the productivity of your sales activities can be increased. We support you in all questions concerning sales management, especially from the perspective of digital solutions. Our tools support you in planning and managing your sales teams and provide real-time insights from your ongoing POS activities in order to react quickly and in a targeted manner.

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