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In 2016, Milupa Nutricia GmbH, together with campaign ambassador Magdalena Neuner and the German Family Foundation, launched the “First 1,000 Days” awareness campaign with the aim of raising awareness and the importance of the first 1,000 days (from conception to the second birthday) for a child’s lifelong health. The task of UGW was the development of the key visual as well as the conception and design of all POS advertising material.

The Key Viusal development was based on the test results of the conducted focus groups and finalized by the motif shooting. In order not only to make the importance of the first 1,000 days clear to the target group, but also to provide them with helpful tips & tricks, recipes – tailored to the special nutritional needs in the respective phase – were used in the form of recipe flyers at the POS as well as three recipe books (with different phase focuses). Another part of the campaign was the little caterpillar Nimmersatt, which not only took on the role as an important source of information and advice, but was also used as a strong stopping element on the POS advertising materials.

Due to the positive response from retail partners and the significant improvement in awareness of the first 1,000 days, the campaign was continued in 2017 and 2018 with a focus on the complementary feeding and toddler phase.

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