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Can’t? There is no such thing! (Almost) everything can be digitized and thus also made more effective and efficient. We advise you on the selection of the underlying software, the implementation and the turnkey delivery of the digital products.

Every company is unique and is based on individual processes and framework conditions. Our individually developed software and tools adapt to your specific requirements so that you can manage your projects effectively and efficiently.

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Digital tools have also become an integral part of marketing communication at the point of sale (POS). Digital competitions, touch screens, video and QR or NFC touch points have become an integral part of today’s point of sale. 

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Need a quick overview of different results from different sources (software) on your desktop? Then our custom dashboard might be something for you. Do you need a database-supported software solution that is geared to your (sales) operational processes and goals? Then we will be happy to conjure up an address database, a WKZ overview or even a visual merchandising tool for you.

Benefit from our individual applications for web and mobile around the topic of sales, sales control, analysis and CRM.

We have a team of more than ten developers in Wiesbaden and long-term external partners in various countries worldwide. Here in Germany, the consulting, setup and testing takes place in order to create secure, high-quality software that complies with German as well as international standards.

Based on a joint analysis, we create the solution step by step that digitally networks your processes and thus makes them more efficient. Sophisticated approval processes, authorization structures, automations and interfaces to other systems can eliminate some of today’s problems at their root. We design the development process in such a way that you can contribute your own ideas at any time and the end product thus fully meets your requirements. You and your requirements are the focus, from conception to go-live.

Our range of services:

  • Analysis
  • Concept
  • Development
  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Training
  • Maintenance, operation and further development
  • Server and database administration

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You are often confronted with the cumbersome task of sifting through, classifying and categorizing an almost unmanageable amount of (image) data in order to possibly derive a benefit from it in the end? We are the experts in providing data tools that are not only easy to use, but also powerful in functionality. Our strengths are tagging and categorization of image data and the efficient possibility to search for them.

Interesting evaluations that show the status of the project at a glance: In the guise of your Excel template and according to criteria that are important to you – and of course in real time. We are confronted with all these requirements on a daily basis. We not only advise you on the creation and conception of such evaluations, but also on the problem of “garbage in – garbage out” by always keeping validations and controlling mechanisms in mind. Thus, you always have the full overview and get the most out of your data.

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Our software is created in the ongoing project business and is developed to efficiently implement our own services on the one hand and to offer our customers the best possible performance on the other hand. As marketing experts with over 25 years of experience, we have been able to develop operational expertise that is reflected in our software solutions. Through close cooperation and unique requirements of our customers, you benefit from our excellent know-how for process flows and technical as well as sales challenges.

Augmented Reality is no longer a future scenario, Augmented Reality is “reality”. Augmented reality applications can already be used on more than 80% of all smartphones. The use cases here are diverse and range from product staging to playful learning.

Our Sales Digital Assistant Information System ( SalesDAISY for short) app supports your sales force before, during and after customer appointments. Both the content and the design can be adapted to your needs with maximum flexibility.

So you can decide whether you want to use the app to professionally present your company and your products in customer meetings or whether you want to give your customer meetings more structure.
You can use our tool as part of a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) service at favorable monthly conditions.

Some choice features:

  • 100% individuality
  • Video and folder integration
  • Always current contents
  • CRM interfaces
  • Multilingualism
  • Assignment of roles and rights
  • Mail function

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Our SalesTom software (TOM stands for Total Overview Management) is a cloud-based recording and analysis tool for full transparency in your sales force – for sales management, key account, management but also trade marketing. Our field service tool incorporates over 20 years of practical knowledge. We are not only specialized in the food retail industry, but also offer many different cross-industry solutions and functions.

You can use our tool as part of a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) service at favorable monthly conditions.

Some choice features:

  • Cloud solution to access your customer data and evaluations at any time
  • Deployment planning and individual questionnaires for your sales force
  • LIVE validations of the questionnaires according to your specifications
  • LIVE performance measurement with the help of tacho systematics
  • Reporting and dashboards tailored to your parameters
  • Multilingualism

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Our SalesISA software(ISA stands for Information System Acquisition) is a cloud-based acquisition analysis and working tool for timely, fully documented support of acquisition processes. It can be used for one, several employees or even nationally spanning teams. SalesISA reminds you of the next deadlines and documents the course of the acquisition process including all documents (e.g. offers) and offers various evaluations. For example, it analyzes successful and less successful paths, industries, or service offerings of the scope they document.

In this way, you will be successful in a targeted manner, maintain an overview and also be able to accompany your team members in the acquisition process.

You can use our tool as part of a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) service at favorable monthly conditions.  

Some choice features:

  • Cloud solution to access your acquisition or customer data and evaluations at any time
  • Address database with unchangeable history on request
  • Mail reminder function customizable
  • Observer function with overarching individual management
  • Confidentiality mode for sensitive projects without further access
  • Reporting tailored to your parameters
  • Multilingualism

Which promotion mechanisms are particularly popular in food retail? In which product groups did the most POS promotions take place last year? How did FMCG companies and retailers stage their promotions for the latest marketing focus on the campaign areas? And how exactly did the code sweepstakes at Brand XY go?

ProBar® users can find answers to these and many other questions about marketing at the POS at the click of a mouse. They can conveniently filter according to product group or occasion and thus always have an eye on their competitors.

ProBar® offers not only a comprehensive promotion archive, but also impulses for new mechanics ideas or the implementation of action areas at the POS. Whether it’s a sweepstakes, a collection campaign, a charity promotion, a money-back guarantee or an original on-pack addition – ProBar® provides you with valuable inspiration for your business.

As Germany’s largest and most up-to-date promotion database with tens of thousands of recorded promotions, ProBar® provides the perfect information base for those responsible in a wide range of areas – from trade marketing to market research.

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