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Attention-grabbing counter displays increase in-store visibility and are also expected to boost sales of WICK VapoRub in pharmacies during the 2016/17 cold season. Since WICK VapoRub is often used by children from the age of 2 to relieve cold symptoms and soothe them by gently massaging it in, the WICK children’s book was also given free with the purchase of the product.In addition to the display design, UGW thus also slipped into the role of children’s book author and illustrator to design a Pixi-style reading and storybook from the initial idea to the final artwork and to breathe life into the story and its characters.

A rough text concept with the little koala “Wolle” served as the basis for writing a bedtime story suitable for children and designing suitable picture book scenes. First, the illustration style was matched using scribbles for main and secondary characters, and then the characters were brought to life through coloring. After defining the page outline by dividing the text sections into a total of ten pages, the individual scenes were still illustrated with attention to detail.

The little koala “Wolle” was also integrated on the counter display as an eye-catcher and thus served as a “cute” stopping element.

The mini picture book was integrated directly into the counter display with the WICK VapoRub products as an addition. Retailers and sales representatives responded very positively to this lovingly illustrated children’s book and saw it as a powerful giveaway. Maybe there will be a continuation of the story about “Wolle” and his family someday?

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