Field Service Outsourcing

In addition to our focus on contracted sales forces (permanent employees), we bring teams of leasing travelers (freelancers) to your customers or support you with solutions in the context of temporary employment (permanent permit). In order to optimize your operational processes, we offer you an individual database development. Benefit from individual applications for web and mobile.

This refers to permanent employees who work exclusively for the customer in sales channels and implement the customer’s objectives and tasks. The customer is only authorized to give technical instructions, but not disciplinary ones. For reference

Permanent employee who is leased by the employer to a third party in return for remuneration and for a limited period of time. In this case, the employee is integrated into the organization of the third party and the third party is authorized to give professional AND disciplinary instructions. For reference

Field service leasing includes all field service employees who are on the road for a defined period of time, exclusively for a customer. For reference

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