UGW Report 2/2022

What distinguishes expertise in marketing & sales? What is behind the positioning “UGW – The Marketing Experts”? This question – or rather the answers to it – is the subject of the current UGW Report. The articles exemplify our comprehensive portfolio of services from A for field sales team to Z for secondary placement.

UGW Report 1/2022

UGW Report 1/2022 Successful marketing campaigns The year 2022 poses major challenges for market participants. In our UGW Report 01/2022 we show what is needed for successful marketing. Because one thing is clear: In such a challenging environment, marketing and sales must ensure more than ever that campaigns work effectively and that the budgets allocated […]

UGW Report 3/2021

“Closer to the Shopper” is the cover story of our new UGW Report 03/2021. We show what opportunities a company has to offer customers added value through varied activities at the POS.

UGW Report 2/2021

As one of the leading marketing experts in Germany, UGW is the coaching partner for a wide range of customer needs with the aim of developing ideal solution concepts in marketing and sales or offering personnel support.

UGW Report 1/2021

UGW Report 1/2021 – Effective Marketing in the New Normal Latest trends in the POS Marketing Report 2021 by UGW, POSpulse and RUNDSCHAU for the food trade The Corona pandemic still dominates many aspects of our daily lives. Get inspired by the latest digital trends and tools that can help you achieve your communication goals […]

UGW Report 2/2020

Up-to-date knowledge about POS marketing in food retailing and drugstores on almost 200 pages.

UGW Report 1/2020

Numerous topics pick up on current trends, which have been reinforced by the accompanying effects of the Corona crisis or have developed again completely.