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July 2019

Nothing is more constant than change – this is truer than ever in the field of personnel-supported POS specialist consulting. Especially due to the pandemic, online retail has experienced a disproportionate growth spurt; a new quality of challenge for POS. Customer experience, fast delivery, good price transparency – online retail is booming. But what this cannot do is personal contact, haptics or product contact – consumers crave shopping experiences. Frequencies are increasing again and customers are open to new things.

The very different challenges as well as the problem-solving mentality within a young-dynamic team excite me in my job. The tasks are very diverse, flexibility is the daily routine. The working environment has a familiar character, the flat hierarchies provide a great basis of trust. Early on, you get the opportunity to take on personal responsibility and to realize your potential within a project together with the customer.

From chart boards to project management tools to digital connections. Our internal processes are always under scrutiny in order to create an efficient working environment and optimally meet the needs of our customers.

As a project manager, the atmosphere within a team is for me personally the most important building block for a successful future.

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