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A good presence on the Internet is indispensable nowadays. Only those who stand out positively are included in the relevant set of users. We support you in the development of your digital strategy and in the subsequent implementation.

Websites, webshops, configurators, digital sweepstakes, tools, apps, etc. The possibilities of digital developments are huge. The possibilities for underlying content management systems, webshop systems and other tools is endless. We bring light into the darkness and advise you on the strategy and make your digital product a reality.

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Whether corporate, product or promotional website, your website is your digital flagship. Either as an in-house development or with WordPress, the most successful Content Management System (CMS), we also create your website.

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Using modern e-commerce solutions like Shopify, we make your dream of a modern, thriving online store come true. Once the basic framework has been programmed, you can easily make changes to the content and products yourself. Of course, your online store looks optimal not only on desktop PCs, but also on smartphones and tablets.

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User experience (UX) and web design are key elements in creating high-quality websites and apps. Only those who inspire here and lead users optimally to their goal can be successful with their digital presence in the long run.

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Whether a website or app is successful can be gleaned from web analytics data. Whether Google Analytics, Webtrekk or other web analytics systems – they all show data on visitors, bounce rates and dwell times. However, the art of successful web analytics lies in the correct interpretation as well as the derivation of target-oriented actions.

Digital promotions can vary widely depending on the mechanics. Depending on whether there are strict access authorizations (e.g. in the form of QR code scans, the entry of alphanumeric codes or receipt uploads) or whether users must first qualify by answering questions, there are different requirements for the technical implementation. It must also be possible to technically take into account the possibility of single vs. multiple participation as well as digital prize distribution.

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