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If you want to run successful digital marketing campaigns, you need the right target definition, a well thought-out strategy with a clear concept, and professional execution. Performance-oriented optimization and transparent reporting round off the digital campaigns. We will be happy to support you in this or carry it out on your behalf.

We are your partner in the strategic conception of your digital branding and support you in the development and execution of your digital marketing campaigns.

Here you will find our approach.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) includes all measures on websites that lead to an (improved) ranking of the website in the organic results of search engines.

We help you, from keyword research to implementation to measuring success.

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Search engine advertising ( SEA ) comprises all measures in the paid advertising program of search engines that lead to an (improved) ranking of the website in the paid results of the search engines.

We support you from consulting to every phase of SEA campaigns.

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Display marketing/advertising refers to all measures in which graphic advertising media (banners) are integrated. The banners can be created and animated in a wide variety of formats. We take over the conception of the banners, the booking on relevant pages and the measurement of success.

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In e-mail marketing, advertising messages are sent to prospects or customers by e-mail. In addition to the “classic” newsletter, newsletter routes can also be created or service e-mails such as welcome e-mails or birthday e-mails can be sent.

We help you with planning, implementation and success evaluation.

Social media advertising (also social media ads) refers to all measures in the paid advertising program of social media portals that lead to user-oriented playout (targeting) of the advertising message in the paid placements of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Linkedin, and XING.

Starting with target group targeting, through the creation of ads, to booking and measuring success on Facebook & Co, we support you with the entire campaign handling.

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Content is and remains king. Only those who offer relevant content will be successful on the web in the long term. We develop the right content strategy and elements for you.

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