Field report Isabel

Career Stage

Junior Consultant

Employment relationship


Field of activity

Digital Marketing

Start date

February 2020

Immediately after completing my training as a marketing communications specialist, I joined the Digital Marketing team in February 2020. Back then, in a newly formed team with many new faces, I was warmly welcomed by everyone.

In our team, I’m responsible for the area of social media paid marketing, which I’ve been able to become super familiar with through training and continuing education. But also new projects & topics, which were foreign to me until then, came to me again and again since then. Over the last few years, this has allowed me to develop and take on personal responsibility. It is important to me to also get out of one’s usual working environment and to be encouraged to develop further in this way.

What I like most about this is the friendly and open interaction in our team, but also in the company as a whole, which makes me happy to go back to work every day.

Your contact persons

Jan Seuwen

Personnel Manager


Michelle Kiliç

HR Consultant