Websites for companies

Through campaigns the customer is directed to the website and at the latest then the website has to convince. Eyecatcher is the keyword! A design that is intuitively usable and aligned with the brand or company increases the time customers spend on the site. Therefore we build the optimal website for you, if desired also with integration of a webshop.

Delisea – Webshop

The Delisea brand, a vegan, sustainable perfume made in Spain, aims to introduce a new generation of perfumes to women and men. High-reach campaigns are possible via online and performance marketing. SEA/SEO, retargeting and affiliate measures in planning. In addition, mixed shopping carts provide the necessary up-selling during “online shopping”.

P&G Pampers Hospital – Database

The in-house programmed database solution acts as the linchpin between the customer, office staff and field staff for the sales project, which involves analyzing the use of Pampers in clinics in the DACH region and promoting it through tailored agreements and offers.

Sopro O-LIVE competition

The Sopro O-LIVE sweepstakes is a sweepstakes solution with an animated prize draw and a user interface tailored to the brand.

Milupa Sweepstakes

Digital solutions such as sweepstakes bring customers closer to the brand in a playful way. We developed a sweepstake with a website for Milupa customers for the Milupa brand.

Capri Sun – SALESTOM

SalesTOM is an efficient and target-oriented tool for our sales force. It helps us keep track of distributions, facings and secondary placements of our products in individual point-of-sales we manage. A clear dashboard ensures good usability and we always have an overview of what is happening on the surface so that we can react quickly.

Sopro Trainee Starter Set “Zeig Zähne!”

As a strong partner to the skilled trades, the experts at the Wiesbaden-based company, together with UGW, have come up with something that will make potential young tilers eager to pick up a trowel. We actively supported the creation and realization of the set and the online staging.

Sopro – EM competition

Within just a few weeks, UGW, together with Sopro Bauchemie, has set up a competition for the UEFA European Football Championship 2020. Starting with the conception, through the layout to the programming of the campaign website and the final evaluation, the digital and B2B experts of UGW delivered everything from a single source.

UGW SALESDAISY: The marketing tool for the sales force

The SALESDAISY app, developed by UGW Digital, is tailored to the specific
user needs and enables a profes- sional and
sional and always up-to-date appearance of the sales force. Through
the integration of high-quality images, videos and animations
The app takes field service conversations to a new level.
vel, which can be achieved by simple flyers, PDFs or speech alone.
can never be achieved.