Dr. Schär – Contract Salesforce

National Dr. Schär sales force in the German food retail sector.
Deployment of 13 permanent area managers and 1 national sales manager.

Opel – Action center

The goal of a national campaign at all Opel dealers in Germany was the implementation of a centrally controlled campaign concept for the acquisition of new customers and the marketing of the Opel product range.

BMW – Automotive Customer Service Center

In order to provide the best possible additional service to the dealership’s customers and to keep the database quality continuously up to date, a customer service center was set up for customers.
Customers were contacted on the basis of a request for contact or on the basis of maintaining contact, at regular intervals.
Thanks to the continuous exchange between the customer and the service center, it was possible to respond directly to current customer requests.

GLOBUS – 360 degree customer communication center

In order to offer the company’s customers the best possible quality and accessibility around the customer programs, a customer communication center was set up, which links all areas of the company via 360-degree communication.


Clear dashboard result displays provide real-time task and goal information to every field worker. And reports tailored to our individual needs help us in our daily work and give us important insights into developments at the POS.

Philips Licht – Acquisition, support, customer activation

Increase in sales in existing areas in the specialist retail trade and expansion of the customer base, including through new acquisitions. Staff duties include new product introductions, shelf and assortment maintenance, and scheduling and promotion arrangements.

National Retailer – Click & Collect Shop Management

A web store support was deployed for a nationally operating retail company, which was to support the client’s online activities. The task of the store support was to establish a new business unit and to provide technical support in the area of CRM database maintenance or to navigate the end customer by telephone in case of queries.

Brewery Group – Contract Salesforce

Ensuring perfect product presentation, sales. Support of the (scene) gastronomy. Build strong customer relationships and make POS arrangements. Implementation of promotional measures specifically pushes the sale of products.