Price & Conditions Management

Prices and conditions have the greatest influence on the earnings situation of companies compared to many other variables. Pricing policy decisions are particularly significant because they affect both the volume and a value component of sales. Thus, wrong decisions in setting the price can lead to serious profit losses.

International testing service provider – Customer Touchpoint Management

Optimization of customer touchpoints to guide customers more successfully through the customer journey. Extensively capture, document, and prioritize all touchpoints across all phases of the customer journey. Evaluation of touchpoints by customers and non-customers to identify optimization potential. Analysis of customer requirements in the relevant touchpoints to select performance features that increase customer satisfaction and delight customers.

Food supplier – strategic repositioning

Strategic realignment of the company through a (re)positioning that differentiates it from the competition. Profiling of the company through a clear corporate mission statement and a new communicative orientation (USP, Benefit, Reason Why, Claim).